Disaster Safety Check & Communication solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence for victims pre-diagnosis & triage

Domain #2
Disaster resilience

Challenge 2.2. Optimisation of communication and warning systems in case of disaster


Open Call #2 laureate

AI-enhanced Disaster communication solution for the population. Plugged on the EU-ALERT emergency text-message system, it emulates through smartphones’ web browsers, an emergency communication interface called “Disaster Mode”, capable to signal position & situation, send pictures and have an AI-sorting of the emergency sent to a digital map “HQ Interface” available for local authorities and emergency dispatchers. Designed to reduce emergency call centers’ congestion during large scale scenarios, the solution immediately identify most critical persons with a patented AI algorithm, crossing the analysis of traumas, context and emotions in order to assess the nature and severity of a situation. Fully GDPR compliant, the solution requires no installation and can be used by both the population and authorities by clicking an URL web-link.

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