AI-based Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Domain #1
Sensitive infrastructure protection

Challenge 1.1 Development of cybersecurity solutions for sensitive infrastructure protection



Open Call #2 laureate

AIRA, an innovative platform aimed to automate evidence-based security risk assessments. As a SaaS platform AIRA enhances investigation accuracy, reduces time, and increases productivity in proactive risk discovery and breach response. With AIRA software, organizations can respond to cyberattacks, conduct full-scale compromise assessments in less than 10 days, and discover initial findings in just 1 hour.

AIRA is a single tool that streamlines this process with automated artifact collection and data enrichment, built-in static and dynamic analysis, pattern comparison, report generation, and risk scoring. This enables the investigation to be completed in a matter of hours with automation or in a matter of days with the analyst’s involvement. While the industry average time is nearly 2 months.

ISSP has developed artifact collectors for the Windows environment, in-cloud secure architecture with encrypted storage and the analysis engine including web interface for the analyst. However, there is need to finish Artifact collector for Linux and Mac, the engine for UNIX systems and the analyst canvas for editing findings and data manipulation. This will be done within this project.

After the development completion, AIRA software will be available as a SaaS subscription for MSPs and enterprises.

The project team will be focused on expanding AIRA to Linux and MacOS devices to increase market potential and create a strong competitive advantage.

At ISSP we used 15 years of experience investigating and researching sophisticated attacks across various organizations and industries to build AIRA – a risk assessment solution that reduces the time, resources and costs associated with a Compromise Assessment by up to 70%. AIRA provides automated cybersecurity assessments through a combination of automated log data collection and analysis, our platform delivers a comprehensive report detailing specific risks and areas of concern for businesses. Regular cyber assessments will help to prevent breaches, respond to cyber incidents quicker and reduce the attack surface.

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