Autonomous Robot Surveillance Platform

The platform managing various security missions with various security robots

Domain #1
Sensitive infrastructure protection



Open Call #1 laureate

Description of the project

Sensible infrastructures are not as secured as they should be due to rising costs of equipments and guards patrols.
– Cost of the camera infrastructure
– Watchmen to supervise tens of real time camera feeds with mostly false alarms
– Car patrol is spotted by thieves and patrolling on foot is risky for the human
– Shortage, absence of guards as well as their rising costs & wages

As autonomous driving solutions are maturing, more and more autonomous robots for surveillance are entering the market to provide a more efficient surveillance solution.
– More maturity for grounded vehicle then flying drones
– Various robotic solutions are needed for various missions
– Robots perform better than humans & historical solutions

As various robots are needed for various security missions and different grounds,
– LMAD (France) is building a solution to manage all security missions and robots from a single platform. This robot & mission manager agnostic platform will help security companies to manage various robots at various sites for various missions on a single platform. First step of that platform and the team is to integrate & deploy a robotic solution with a surveillance AI managed by the first version of that platform.
– LANACESS (Spain) provides the video surveillance & detection capacities (hardware, AI).
– GIM (Finland) is providing its capacities software/hardware regarding the need for autonomous navigation robot.

Mid-term project update

Since September 2022, ARSP has been progressing well, with manufacturing & integrating autonomous navigation capabilities, infrared & optical cameras coupled with AI deep learning algorithms for detecting & securing large sensible sites.

The current solution is entering a test phase with the new LMAD platform able to manage security missions.

Final project update

LMAD robotic management platform has been developed to handle more than logistic use cases and now LMAD can handle security patrols with autonomous robots as well as autonomous deliveries with robots. Moreover, this news platform version will allow LMAD and its partners to manage several robots for several use cases on a single site or over different sites, all managed from a single platform.
The final demonstration took place at the EDF sites on 16.06.2023. The purpose was to show how LMAD robotic management platform is now able to handle more than logistic use cases. Indeed SecurIT funding has supported the diversification of these robots from autonomous deliveries to security patrols for the detection of intruders on sensitive sites.

Project consortium

GIM Robotics
GIM Robotics


Project presentation – pre-selection pitch-video