BIM2SIM, bridging the gap between Building information modelling data and security models

Domain #1

Challenge 4. Zone security and perimeter protection


Open Call #1 laureate

BIM2SIM aims at developing a prototype digital technology brick to automatically extract security- and safety-related information from standard building description file formats.

On the one hand, buildings are core elements for security and safety applications, with a wide range of applications: intrusion, evacuation, optimal position of sensors or safety material, hazard modelling, assessment of structural effects, etc.

On the other hand, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming a collaborative must-have for architects, urban planners and in the construction industry. Standard file formats are readily available, and could be extended to provided security-related information as well.

BIM2SIM results will be twofold:
– guidelines for security-oriented building information modelling,
– software converting BIM models into “navigation meshes” used for path-planning, with a first application to the physical security of critical infrastructures.

Project consortium

APEX Solutions
APEX Solutions
Scott Brownrigg Limited
Scott Brownrigg Limited
United Kingdom


Project presentation – pre-selection pitch-video