CyberSec2SME, Cyber security audit in critical infrastructure environments

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Sensitive infrastructure protection



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Critical Infrastructure are attractive targets for hostile entities. While many critical infrastructures have implemented cyber security technologies, the issue of
cyber risks identification across employees, contractors and service providers still remains a major concern, implying to require Contractors/Service Providers to prove that they also have implemented (expensive) cyber security systems.

The objective of the CyberSec2SME project is to give board members of the Port of Galati in Romania, a highly critical infrastructure, the assurance they need on the information security of their organisation and their vendor BeiA in the supply chain. The assurance will cover people, processes and the IT. Subcontractors, like BeiA in this project, can use the Skopos audit to demonstrate they are compliant.

Skopos.AI will deliver a continuous cyber audit on a highly complex and sensitive IT and Data environment of the Port of Galati. A process within the port is operated by contractor BeiA and BeiA systems. Skopos task is to detect, report, recommend and track progress and deliver a continuous dashboard delivering daily actionable insights, monthly executive reporting to keep the port secure. Reporting will be in line with ISO27001 and requirements for Critical Infrastructure.

BeiA employees are tasked with introducing real world risks and human errors. Skopos ́ task is to detect these risks in a timely matter and report, recommend & track progress. Assurance will be delivered via a secure operational dashboard and monthly executive reporting. The project will run for one year.

Project consortium

Skopos Security Labs B.V.
Skopos Security Labs B.V.
Beia GmbH
Beia GmbH


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