CyberSec2SME, Cyber security audit in critical infrastructure environments

Domain #1

Challenge 1. Cybersecurity



Open Call #1 laureate

Sensibles are not as secured as they should be due to rising costs of equipments and guards patrols.
– Cost of the camera infrastructure
– Watchmen to supervise tens of real time camera feeds with mostly false alarms
– Car patrol is spotted by thieves and patrolling on foot is risky for the human
– Shortage, absence of guards as well as their rising costs & wages

As autonomous driving solutions are maturing, more and more autonomous robots for surveillance are entering the market to provide a more efficient surveillance solution.
– More maturity for grounded vehicle then flying drones
– Various robotic solutions are needed for various missions
– Robots perform better than humans & historical solutions

As various robots are needed for various security missions and different grounds,
– LMAD (France) is building a solution to manage all security missions and robots from a single platform. This robot & mission manager agnostic platform will help security companies to manage various robots at various sites for various missions on a single platform. First step of that platform and the team is to integrate & deploy a robotic solution with a surveillance AI managed by the first version of that platform.
– LANACESS (Spain) provides the video surveillance & detection capacities (hardware, AI).
– GIM (Finland) is providing its capacities software/hardware regarding the need for autonomous navigation robot.

Project consortium

Skopos Security Labs B.V.
Skopos Security Labs B.V.
Beia GmbH
Beia GmbH


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