FusionSec – Ensure the security of your events

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Public spaces protection – major events



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Description of the project

Iterato together with Nuuk Technologies is building FusionSec – solution in the field of events security. FusionSec is a software platform for planning and coordination of public events requiring the cooperation of different public safety forces and volunteers as well as citizens. Today, each public safety force has its own application, hardly knows where agents are located, communicates through audio & can only see static images in their control rooms.

Mid-term project update

From September 2022, the project has progressed and currently supports:
– People and assets tracking using GPS, IoTs, phones, other;
– Video streaming from drones, CCTV, bodyworn cams and other sources;
– Control rooms and Command posts set-up through virtual rooms;
– PTZ for all surveillance cameras from Fusionsec;
– SOS button;
– Incidents management;
– Tasks management.

Public security bodies show a great interest (an MoU signed with stakeholders) in the product and the next phase of the project will be to test FusionSec in real public events in Lithuania (birthday celebration, public sport event, summit of governmental organisations).

Final project update

Empowering Secure Collaboration in Mass Events

With a help of SecurIT project we were able to built the IoT platform that
helps to create a smoother collaboration between public and private forces during mass events. It significantly shortens the communication chain. Moreover, the cloudbased system combines different data sources and allows for realtime monitoring of images from drones, video cameras, and smartphones. This capability helps to create a broader picture of the event and to see it in an integrated way, from different perspectives. Both private and public forces, as well as incident locations, are visible on one interactive map, which improves the coordination of forces. For example, an onduty police officer can see when forces are misplaced or too far away from a potential incident site.

Visual awareness of forces and incidents allows for efficient incident response and, if necessary, coordination of evacuation. The visual sources like cameras, drones and smartphones also provide a better view of emerging congestion or other incidents, providing context and allowing the officer on duty to quickly redeploy the forces and transfer the relevant tasks to the officers promptly. Moreover, this situational awareness can be monitored from different geographically located command and control centres as well as command posts. 

The testimonies of our users attest to the unmistakable advantages of
FusionSec. It’s a testament to amplified efficiency, and heightened productivity for security forces collaborating in public mass events. The Lithuanian police and Alytus county police are particularly enthusiastic about FusionSec, recognizing its potential to revolutionize event security, streamline communication, and bolster situational comprehension. Furthermore, the municipality representatives have commended FusionSec for its seamless integration with their operations, enabling them to promptly report incidents like traffic jams through the FusionSec mobile app. The immediate visibility of these incidents to the police officers ensures swift action and resolution.
In essence, FusionSec embodies a transformation that transcends
traditional paradigms, enhancing the capabilities of security forces and reaffirming our commitment to safety and efficiency in the face of mass events.

Representatives from Iterato attended the kick-off meeting of the second batch of SecurIT-funded projects, where they presented the project, the final demonstration and gave valuable advice and tips on how to succeed.

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