INSIOTA, IT security testing solution helping SMEs with their security posture by assessing their exposure to the public internet

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Sensitive infrastruture protection


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INSIOTA provides an integrated platform, automating a range of IT-Security tests on computer systems and networks. The constant tests help ensure any gap is detected and can be mitigated before a real attacker can abuse them. While the underlying infrastructure of the platform is environment-agnostic, the focus of the project is on systems part of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). With the initial testbed set in the context of a smart city, the systems have to be protected in an environment physically open, and therefore exposed to a number of possible attacks.

The target environment for the INSIOTA testbed is located in the public space of a European city, monitoring the quality of the environment in a “Smart Street”. A number of criteria are critical in this context, as the street contains one of few bridges in a city of 100.000 inhabitants, connecting a Police Department to a Fire Brigade on either side. The criteria notably include traffic information and air quality, gathered by sensors connected to an Internet service.
The INSIOTA platform is being extended with a solution for the offline analysis of firmware images for these sensors, with the objective to help protect the infrastructure in case of physical compromise of the sensors deployed publicly.

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Defora Networks
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