Laying the ground to a radically novel concept for cloud data storage and processing: beyond-trust cloud (BTC)

Domain #1
Sensitive infrastructure protection

Challenge 1.1 Development of cybersecurity solutions for sensitive infrastructure protection



Open Call #2 laureate

Trust is today’s cybersecurity paradigm. With increasing software supply chain complexity and vulnerabilities discovery, trust reaches its limits and raises sovereignty concerns for Europe. and Snowpack share a common vision and unite their respective approach on cloud and communication. With InvisiBUBL they will develop a novel integrated user-to-provider beyond-trust cloud service by integrating novel approach to cloud data storage with Snowpack’s SNO invisibility overlay network unique properties. As a result, will not be the trusted third party for its users’ cryptographic keys and Bubl attack surface will get cloaked.

To this aim, the project will contribute to:

  • Development of a way for users to anonymously access to the cloud provider
  • The development of a cryptographic key fragmentation system to prevent the cloud operator to be in a position to access it
  • And the integration of the two new elements with Bubl cloud service into a fully functional service.

The outcome of the project will be a demonstrator working with dummy data for public demonstrations and with real data with at least one end-user.

Project consortium

Bubl Cloud
Bubl Cloud