Laying the ground to a radically novel concept for cloud data storage and processing: beyond-trust cloud (BTC)

Domain #1
Sensitive infrastructure protection

Challenge 1.1 Development of cybersecurity solutions for sensitive infrastructure protection



Open Call #2 laureate

Description of the project

Trust is today’s cybersecurity paradigm. With increasing software supply chain complexity and vulnerabilities discovery, trust reaches its limits and raises sovereignty concerns for Europe. and Snowpack share a common vision and unite their respective approach on cloud and communication. With InvisiBUBL they will develop a novel integrated user-to-provider beyond-trust cloud service by integrating novel approach to cloud data storage with Snowpack’s SNO invisibility overlay network unique properties. As a result, will not be the trusted third party for its users’ cryptographic keys and Bubl attack surface will get cloaked.

To this aim, the project will contribute to:

  • Development of a way for users to anonymously access to the cloud provider
  • The development of a cryptographic key fragmentation system to prevent the cloud operator to be in a position to access it
  • And the integration of the two new elements with Bubl cloud service into a fully functional service.

The outcome of the project will be a demonstrator working with dummy data for public demonstrations and with real data with at least one end-user.

Mid-term project update

Thanks to SecurIT, Bubl and Snowpack are jointly developing Invisibubl, the first zero knowledge storage cloud service, a cloud storage service that does not require to trust any of the infrastructure provider (i.e. server, host, cloud service provider, service provider (Bubl and Snowpack), …). Because such service prevents any data access from the hosting and service operators, it guarantees that even if the data is actually store on US or Chinese hyperscaler, the data will not be provided because of Cloud Act, Patriot Act or FISA section 702. As a result, this storage cloud service targets sensitive data, in particular those from critical infrastructure operators and public services.

During the first half of the project, Snowpack has developed its Invisible Service connector and released it in production in November 2023 together with its 2.0 version. Meanwhile, Bubl and Snowpack have prepared together the integration of its first Invisibubl demonstrator that is planned for beginning of February 2024, have defined a first version of its business and pricing models and designed a draft threat model of their joint cloud service.

Project consortium

Bubl Cloud
Bubl Cloud