Securing, monitoring and optimizing infrastructure

Domain #1
Sensitive infrastructure protection

Challenge 1.2. Optimisation of communication networks and alert systems



Open Call #2 laureate

Description of the project

The OPTIMIZ NETWORK – ZARIOT project aims to deploy a solution for securing, monitoring and optimizing telecom infrastructures. These infrastructures are more than ever very sensitive places. Thousands of network subscribers can be impacted in the event of voluntary or involuntary damage to a physical element of the network and the risks for the security and confidentiality of data are numerous. We have therefore designed a solution by exploiting the new technologies of the IoT (Internet Of Things) coupled with our supervision platform. Thanks to this we are able to optimize the operation of the network by transmitting to the manager, all the useful and relevant information thanks to an alert system (opening of a door, presence of water, fall of a pole, etc.). We are also going further by equipping the most important technical points (cabinets and shelters) with an electronic half-cylinder to ensure access control. To ensure secure IoT communication and data exchange with our servers and database, we work closely with our partner ZARIOT. In addition to offering international network coverage, we can guarantee our customers total security since communications can be encrypted between ZARIOT and Optimiz-Network and have centralized management.

Mid-term project update

  • Halfway through the project, our technical development has been higher than our expectations. We’ve delved into new software designing technologies, with
    a special focus on artificial intelligence on data lake for thinking new usages.
  • Communicationwise, UTHD’s Tradeshow, an exclusive gathering for industry professionals in Bourges, France, is our prime showcase. Here, infrastructure
    network companies unveil cuttingedge products and services, amplifying our presence on the national stage.
  • In the virtual realm, our strategic presence on platforms like LinkedIn has been instrumental in fostering a digital community. Here, we engage with industry
    leaders, share insights, and showcase our project’s journey.
  • Analysis and cocreation form the heart of our progress. Through three transformative workshops, where an average of 14 diverse participants
    convene each time, we’re crafting a collective intelligence process. This dynamic mix includes network operators, installation experts, security specialists, electronics designers, and product vendors. Together, we’re forging new paths, not just in technology but in the very fabric of our interconnected professional ecosystems.

Project consortium