PIM-SAT-M, AI enabled web-based platform for monitoring of the stability of structures and nearby areas, using satellite data.

Domain #2

Disaster resilience



Open Call #1 laureate

Description of the project

Land deformation is a serious problem for a number of industries, infrastructures and habitational areas. Aggravated by the climate change and increasing natural resources exploitation it grows bigger. Despite proliferation of sensors, responsible managers lack cost effective and reliable tools to analyse risks, and visual observations remain widespread, needless to say, inefficient. The project aims to pilot an AI enabled, web-based platform, which would serve as an efficient tool to monitor stability of structures and nearby areas.

Mid-term project update

The progress of the PIM SAT M project in the first 6 months has been exceptionally strong. All the planned milestones have been reached, completing visualisation components development, starting the data integration, receiving stakeholders’ feedback on analysis results and visualisation tools, identifying pilot sites and starting data collection. Data analysis over the pilot areas were completed ahead of the schedule. Data collection and analysis is currently carried on, and data integration and visualisation has started. The project continues in accordance with the plan in close and effective collaboration of the consortium partners and with sturdy support of the SecurIT consortium.

Final project update

Within the scope of the project, we developed an AI enabled, platformbased remote sensing tool, which provides reliable and sufficient information on the area or object stability.
The underlying technology is InSAR, the key advantages are :
– better coverage of large areas as well as “thin” infrastructures
– automatically generated early warnings
– webbased platform and dashboard.
We also were able to showcase the solution. This is a highly cost effective and convenient tool, which equip our customers with valuable and near real time information on the area or object stability and automatic early warnings on a webbased platform.

Project consortium

GeoKinesia SL
GeoKinesia SL
Exponential Space Holding S.r.l.
Exponential Space Holding S.r.l.


Project presentation – pre-selection pitch-video
Project presentation – SecurIT Awards application video