RASAD, Rapid Application Development without code programming requirement for scaleable sensitive Security Applications

Domain #1

Sensitive infrastructure protection



Open Call #1 laureate

Belgian-based NoCode-X and French Wallix join forces to create a platform for Rapid and Secure application development aimed specifically for the security domain. NoCode-X offers a platform allowing rapid application developmet without writing a single line of code. Wallix is European leader in Identity and Access Management and authentication technologies. The RASAD-project will be developed with the support of the EC via the European SecurIT-project. Using RASAD, organizations can easily digitize & automate any process with tremendous speed and a guaranteed level of cyber security. Offering both a reduction in build-cost as well as a higher level of quality compared to traditional development. Next to authentication & authorization the platform is smart enough to decide whether to impose security measures such as encryption on data at rest, auditing logs, blocking unauthenticated access, and much more.

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Project consortium

co-dex.eu bvba
co-dex.eu bvba
Wallix sa
Wallix sa


Project presentation – pre-selection pitch-video
Presentation of RASAD by Tristan van Poucke (Nocode-x) at CyberSecEurope in april 2023