RASAD, Rapid Application Development without code programming requirement for scaleable sensitive Security Applications

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Sensitive infrastructure protection



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Description of the project

Belgian-based NoCode-X and French Wallix join forces to create a platform for Rapid and Secure application development aimed specifically for the security domain. NoCode-X offers a platform allowing rapid application development without writing a single line of code. Wallix is European leader in Identity and Access Management and authentication technologies. The RASAD-project will be developed with the support of the EC via the European SecurIT-project. Using RASAD, organizations can easily digitize & automate any process with tremendous speed and a guaranteed level of cyber security. Offering both a reduction in build-cost as well as a higher level of quality compared to traditional development. Next to authentication & authorization the platform is smart enough to decide whether to impose security measures such as encryption on data at rest, auditing logs, blocking unauthenticated access, and much more.

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Mid-term project update

RASAD allows organizations to build secure applications at lightning speed. You can practically create any application without writing a single line of code resulting in an up to 90% shorter time to market compared to traditional development.

RASAD has added the ability to create secure custom user flows such as login, password reset, asking for consent, and much more.
Data that is classified as being sensitive is automatically encrypted at the application level meaning organizations can store their data securely without the hassle of encryption algorithms, key management, key rotation, etc…

When your building an application that needs a decent layer of security, RASAD is the way to go.

Presentation of RASAD by Tristan van Poucke (Nocode-x) at CyberSecEurope in april 2023

Final project update

We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking capabilities of RASAD, an innovative platform that empowers organizations to swiftly build secure applications without writing a single line of code. With RASAD, the traditional barriers of application development are shattered, resulting in an astounding up to 90% reduction in time to market compared to conventional methods.

Effortless Creation of Secure Custom User Flows

One of the key highlights of RASAD is its ability to facilitate the effortless creation of secure custom user flows. Developers can now efficiently incorporate essential functionalities like login processes, password resets, consent requests, and much more into their applications. These custom user flows can be seamlessly designed and implemented within RASAD, eliminating the need for timeconsuming and errorprone manual coding.

Elevating Data Security to New Heights

Ensuring the utmost security of sensitive data is of paramount importance in today’s digital landscape. With RASAD, organizations can rest assured that their data remains fully protected. The platform automatically encrypts data classified as sensitive at the application level, eliminating the need for complex encryption algorithms, intricate key management processes, and tedious key rotation procedures. By integrating applicationlevel encryption, RASAD provides a robust security layer, enabling organizations to securely store their data without the typical hassle associated with encryption.

Accelerate Time to Market with Confidence

RASAD offers an unparalleled solution for organizations seeking to develop applications with a strong focus on security. With its lightningfast development capabilities and comprehensive security features such as integrated data classification, RASAD empowers organizations to build secure applications rapidly and efficiently. By choosing RASAD, businesses can accelerate their time to market while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of their data.

Successful Financial Data Integration Project

We leveraged the power of RASAD to seamlessly move and dispatch critical financial data, including CODA files and bank statements, from the SFTP server of the Bank of Belfius to various destinations within the intricate systems of the Municipality of Koksijde.

Streamlining Financial Data Flow with RASAD

The challenge at hand was to ensure a smooth and secure flow of financial data between these two entities. Traditionally, such projects demanded extensive custom coding, timeconsuming configurations, and meticulous maintenance. However, RASAD offered an alternative approach that transformed this process.
With RASAD’s capabilities, we crafted a solution that automated the entire data transfer and dispatch process. Custom user flows were effortlessly designed to handle file transfers, data validation, and destination mapping, all within the secure confines of RASAD’s environment. This meant that the
Municipality of Koksijde could efficiently and securely access the financial data they required without the need for laborious manual intervention.

A Resounding Success

The success of this project cannot be overstated. It not only met the initial objectives but surpassed them in numerous ways. The speed at which the financial data was moved and dispatched was unprecedented, resulting in significant time savings for both the Bank of Belfius and the Municipality of Koksijde. Moreover, the security of sensitive financial data was upheld to the highest standards, thanks to RASAD’s automatic data encryption & auditing features. Such a remarkable achievement has not gone unnoticed. Both the Bank of Belfius and the Municipality of Koksijde are now looking into the possibility of continuing their collaboration with RASAD. The effectiveness and efficiency brought about by RASAD have not only streamlined their operations but also laid the foundation for a potentially longlasting partnership with the platform. In conclusion, the successful implementation of RASAD in this financial data integration project stands as a testament to the platform’s transformative capabilities. It not only accelerated data movement but also fostered ongoing collaboration between three important institutions, ushering in a new era of efficiency and security in financial data management. Embracing RASAD has proven to be a wise choice, with the potential for even greater achievements on the horizon.

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