To empower first and second responders in all operational phases with the help of local communities

Domain #2

Disaster resilience

Challenge 2.3. Development of solutions for a better recovery


Open Call #2 laureate

Description of the project

ReBriNet, “Resilience Bridge Net“, is a cutting-edge technology designed to help the coordination and decision-making of first and second responders by providing during all the operation real-time information directly from local communities affected by the disaster. Local communities will be able to report crucial information through a digital web module that can be integrated in existing web/mobile emergency solutions that enhances cross-communication capabilities with inclusive and effective communication.

Mid-term project update

In the initial phase of the project, we developed the ReBriNet multimodal communication module, fostering smooth communication between first responders and local communities. This integration ensures effective communication across more than 100 languages, communication channels, devices, and emergency apps. The module incorporates an embedded iframe of the ReBriNet platform, ensuring responsive integration into web/mobile apps. The self-triage tool, employing digital surveys for local residents, addresses emergency situations like flooding, earthquakes, and industrial disasters. The inclusion of digital surveys enhances data collection, facilitating a prompt and well-informed response from both first and second responders.

Project consortium

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