SecuRail, fall arrest rail system

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Public spaces protection – major events


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Description of the project

In the SecuRAIL project, an intelligent LiDAR sensor will be developed. This sensor will autonomously detect passengers and objects that fall from railway platforms or are deliberately pushed onto railway tracks. In case of such a dangerous incident, an alarm will be immediately sent from the sensor to stop the train and alert the security staff.

After the completion of the SecuRAIL project, the open platform of the developed LiDAR sensor will allow the addition of further safety applications. An example of such an application is “trap and drag” accident detection, which prevents a train from dragging behind a passenger or other object grabbed by a train door.

Mid-term project update

During the first six months of the project, the LiDAR sensors that will be used for the prototype SecuRAIL system was determined according to the requirements set. All the necessary electronic modules for communication with the sensors were developped and connected, and the testing of the complete system started. The SecuRAIL software architecture was defined. LiDAR data acquisition, interpretation and visualisation were implemented, and the concept of the algorithm for detection and analysis of eventually dangerous events developed. A test site for testing purposes and prototype demonstration has been acquired. The test scenarios were drafted and different test objects were prepared to run tests for the development and demonstration of the prototype in a real railway environment.

Final project update

Successful conclusion of the SecuRAIL project a system aimed at enhancing passenger safety on railway platforms.

final demonstration of the SecuRAIL project and the developed prototype took place at Erdberg metro station, operated by Wiener Linien from Vienna on 23.06.2023. The system provides reliable detection of dangerous situations at railway stations. It automatically detects passengers or objects that fall from the
platform onto the track, suspend the traffic and alerts the security staff. New features can be added, such as “trap and drag” accident detection, which prevents a train from dragging behind a passenger or other object grabbed by a train door. The system is particularly well-suited for lines with autonomous trains and stations where installing platform screen doors may not be feasible.

Project consortium

ALTPRO d.o.o.
ALTPRO d.o.o.


Project presentation – pre-selection pitch-video