SECUVERSE, a comprehensive range of services to assist businesses in protecting their valuable assets.

Domain #1

Challenge 4. Zone security and perimeter protection

Challenge 2. Operations


Open Call #1 laureate

Secuverse is an autonomous inspection and monitoring system, based on an immersive Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence platform that includes a digital-twin model of a target facility, a LIDAR scanner, an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), and AI algorithms for intruder detection. Our goal is to develop an autonomous robotic agent that can patrol sensitive infrastructure, monitoring possible intruders and anomalies, and represent them in the digital twin model of the facility. Remote operators can inspect this rich data ecosystem through a metaverse immersive interface, in order to visualise threats and intruders detected through an AGV-mounted LIDAR scanner and perform mission-control task by communicating with robotic agent on-field.

Project consortium

WeAR S.r.l.
WeAR S.r.l.
Exwayz SAS
Exwayz SAS