SECUVERSE, a comprehensive range of services to assist businesses in protecting their valuable assets.

Domain #1

Sensitive infrastructure protection


Open Call #1 laureate

Secuverse is an autonomous inspection and monitoring system, based on an immersive Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence platform that includes a digital-twin model of a target facility, a LIDAR scanner, an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), and AI algorithms for intruder detection. Our goal is to develop an autonomous robotic agent that can patrol sensitive infrastructure, monitoring possible intruders and anomalies, and represent them in the digital twin model of the facility. Remote operators can inspect this rich data ecosystem through a metaverse immersive interface, in order to visualise threats and intruders detected through an AGV-mounted LIDAR scanner and perform mission-control task by communicating with robotic agent on-field.

The Secuverse project is progressing thanks to the collaboration between Wear S.r.l. and the forward-thinking French start-up, Exwayz S.a.s.

For this milestone, we have created a digital twin of the target infrastructure that is constantly updated by our algorithms. This tool allows us to demonstrate our solution in a real environment. The digital twin has been instrumental in identifying potential issues and optimizing the solution, ultimately leading to a more successful outcome. We have also selected and implemented key hardware components of the technology.

The contribution from the SecurIT follow-up team has been exceptional, providing guidance and helping the project stay on track in the first months. The Follow Up manager’s dedication to advancing the goals of the Secuverse project has been instrumental in the development of the solution.
The collaboration between Wear and Exwayz has been an exciting and valuable experience, bringing together a diverse group of professionals with complementary skill sets and expertise. The team at Exwayz has demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and has brought a fresh perspective to the project, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and identifying new opportunities for growth and development.
We are confident that our joint collaboration with Exwayz has the potential to bring about great business opportunities and exciting technological developments.

Project consortium

WeAR S.r.l.
WeAR S.r.l.
Exwayz SAS
Exwayz SAS