SLOPEGUARD, AI based solution for landslide stability monitoring and early warning

Domain #2

Disaster resilience

Challenge 5. Before Crisis: Risk knowledge and evaluation



Open Call #1 laureate

Landslides are one of the most frequent geological disasters. They represent a serious threat to human lives, as well as a huge cost in terms of infrastructure damage. Most of them are shallow, i.e., the sliding surface is typically located to a depth from a few decimetres to some metres. In the past, the approach to addressing the issue of shallow landslides was more defensive than preventive.
SlopeGuard is a novel approach that aims to change the way such landslides are monitored, managed and prevented. Our approach is unique and effective since it integrates a bespoke monitoring device (SlopeGuard-ROD) with advanced machine learning techniques (SlopeGuard-Brain). This mutually reinforcing combination of tailor made HW and SW allows SlopeGuard to generate early warning of landslides 24/7 in a fully automated way.

Project consortium

Techcom Srl
Techcom Srl
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