VASCREEN, a new solution that permits the detection of potentially harmful substances in luggages and goods

Domain #1

Challenge 3. Identification and access control


Open Call #1 laureate

VASCREEN technology will allow the detection of potential threats inside luggage or other goods in checkpoints by the analysis of the vapors around. VASCREEN allows the scan of one item (luggage) in less than 1 min based on a radically novel Multidetector Differential Mobility Analyzer (MDMA), coupled with an automatic air sampling system supported by Deep Learning (DL) recognition algorithms.

This new technology has some advantages over the SoA:

i) it does not require the removal of electrical items from the luggage,

ii) it is much cheaper (<0.1€ per item),

iii) it allows the detection of chemical, biological and explosive threats, including new threats,

iv) the result does not depend on the interpretation of one operator (automatic),

v) it is not intrusive,

vi) the FAR (False Alarm Rate) is much lower, and

vii) the DR (Detection Rate) is much higher.

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Mion Technologies
Mion Technologies


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