Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Intelligence

Domain #2

Disaster resilience

Challenge 2.1. Optimisation of prediction of disaster


Open Call #2 laureate

Figure 1. Simulation of the fire spread and impacts on the WUIs. The platform can estimate the number of buildings threatened and destroyed by the fire as well as metrics on the fire behaviour.

The exposure and vulnerability of communities at the wildland-urban interface (WUI) is increasing as we see a significant rise in adverse weather conditions and wildfire activity. Communities and built areas in these zones where human activity and wild vegetation intermingle face a greater risk of being negatively impacted by fire events.

WUI-Secure will be an effective modelling tool that incorporates both wildfire propagation modelling with building vulnerability and risk assessment. This tool, based on expert knowledge, will integrate information on wildlife behaviour and WUI vulnerability to identify the most-vulnerable zones and at-risk assets of a community at the time of a wildfire event. It will provide valuable information for fire services, first responders, industry, and other key decision makers, as well as encourage better protective and preventative action from local authorities and community members.

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