SecurIT kickoff

SecurIT starts a new era for safe, secured, and resilient smart cities and territories

On 14 September 2021 The SecurIT project kicked off  in France, during a hybrid meeting hosted by the coordinator Safe Cluster in Aix en Provence.

The project

SecurIT is a European cascade funding project, funded under the H2020 Innosup programme, aiming at supporting and co-financing the development of collaborative projects allowing prototyping and experimentation of top-notch technological solutions in the field of physical and cyber security, with respect of the nowadays ethics, legal, and social challenges.

The project will last 3 years and is coordinated by Safe Cluster with a consortium of 8 partners, mostly leading ecosystems in complementary fields of Security:

  • Safe Cluster, Cluster leader in Aeronautics, Safety & Security, Defence, and Environmental risks and resilience, France
  • Pôle SCS, Leading European Ecosystem dedicated to Digital & Cybersecurity, IoT, AI & Big Data, and Microelectronics, in France
  • LSEC, European ICT Security Cluster, Belgium
  • L3CE, Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research & Education
  • Hague Security Delta (HSD), the Dutch Security Cluster, Netherlands
  • Systematic Paris-Région, Paris Region Deep Tech Ecosystem, France
  • CenSec, Center for Defense, Space and Security, Denmark
  • FundingBox, matchmaking platform for innovators funding opportunities, Poland.


  • Demand analyses (new use cases identification) on the security market, with integrators and end users (including industrial players, public authorities, and managers of critical infrastructures)
  • Identification of technological solutions in Europe (solutions and services for digital and physical security)
  • Matchmaking activities will be proposed by the European clusters of the project consortium, including HSD, to facilitate the consortium building for the applications to the 2 Open Calls that will be launched by SecurIT.

Is your startup/SME working on a security innovation involving digital technologies?

SecurIT will support 63 best-in-class innovative projects developed by 126 SMEs across Europe, through 2 cascade funding open calls. The first open call will be launched in early 2022. For the 2 calls, 3 521 000€ funding in total is available.

Next steps 

Currently the consortium is elaborating the Open Call #1 challenges by identifying use cases  fitting real market needs, which will be validated by end-users through 3 workshops on each of the identified domains:

  • #1: Sensitive infrastructure protection
  • #2: Disaster resilience
  • #3: Public spaces protection – major events

Stay tuned !