SecurIT Final Event
21 May 2024, Paris, France

The SecurIT project, funded under the HORIZON 2020 INNOSUP programme, aimed at supporting and co-financing the development of collaborative projects working on the prototyping, experimentation and demonstration of cutting-edge technological solutions for safer, more secure and resilient cities and territories. 

The final event brought together over 80 participants, including the SecurIT consortium partners, most of the 42 funded collaborative projects, as well as representatives from the European Commission and several security specialists, to celebrate the results of the project and the three years of cluster collaboration that enabled 95 SMEs to obtain direct funding to develop innovative security solutions. 

The first part of the day was devoted to a comprehensive review of SecurIT, highlighting the results and achievements of the projects funded. SecurIT in a few figures: 

  • 8 European partners  
  • 42 funded projects (28 demonstrations et 14 prototypes) 
  • 95 beneficiary SMEs from 23 countries  
  • 3.5M€ distributed to SMEs (from 74 to 88 k€ per project) 

Presentation of SecurIT and the results of the project 

Through their presentations, representatives from ANSSI (French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems), EISMEA, DG HOME and DG GROW (European Commission) explored opportunities for European funding and collaboration in the fields of security and digital innovation.   

The SecurIT partner LSEC – Leaders in Security then presented the European CYSSME project, to illustrate post-SecurIT collaboration between funded companies and members of the SecurIT consortium. This highlights that the SecurIT project has permitted to buid strong synergies between security key players in Europe, with a special emphasis on end-user involvement, and the project has also been a springboard for some SMEs to obtain other European projects and additional funding. 

The panel discussion, which brought together representatives from ENGIE, Orange, ESCO (European Cyber Security Organisation), EACTDA (European Anti-Cybercrime Technology Development Association), The Hague Security Delta and The Resilience Advisors Network, focused on the role of end-users in the development of new innovative security solutions and how to connect them to businesses. 

The day was concluded with the SecurIT awards ceremony, that rewarded six promising projects for the development of their innovative solutions (financial prizes ranging from €7,500 to €10,000 per project).  

The winning projects in the four categories are as follows:

Open Call 1

Open Call 2


Winners of the SecurIT Awards  

The awards ceremony highlighted the relevance of cascade financing schemes (of which SecurIT is a part) for SMEs, as a means of validating and deploying innovative technological PoCs in a collaborative manner.

Overall, the SecurIT project was not only about providing European security SMEs with financial support but also helping them to further develop their solutions thanks to continuous mentoring, identifying additional R&D funding opportunities (through the Regional Invest Tool) and creating a network offering business opportunities (eg. European security solutions mapping, Ambassador Clusters Network).