While the second cohort of SME-led projects are about to come to an end, the impacts of the SecurIT project are already arising throughout the community leading to new collaborative projects. Project partners committed as well to support gender equality in the security innovation sphere and bring into light female-led SMEs within the 2 cohorts. 

Post SecurIT collaboration : CYSSME project 

The CYSSME project aims to facilitate access of European individuals and SMEs to cybersecurity resilience technologies by providing a personalized strategy to each company based on an SME-use case definition approach.  

The first steps currently ongoing will allow partners to understand the cybersecurity needs of various SMEs in the very first steps of their digital transformation journey. Their goal is then to compile and offer a wide range of high-end European solutions CYSSME via “a Cybersecurity application store containing both Open Source and commercially available technologies”.  

The CYSSME approach is about raising awareness and personal support to SMEs to prevent them from choosing their cybersecurity solutions based on an uninformed and non-expert decision. The consortium partners strongly believe that “only a very targeted approach to most companies will be advancing their state of cybersecurity”.  

Within a consortium composed of 12 partners you can find 4 partners that are involved in the SecurIT project, of which both SecurIT partners LSEC (BE) and L3CE (LT), as well as Open Call 1 funded SMEs Skopos (NE), partner of the CyberSec2SME project, and CO-DEX (BE) from the RASAD project. 

This project vouches even more for the interest given by the EU to supporting all SMEs in getting their processes and systems more secure by involving SMEs excelling in the domain. 

More information on the CYSSME project on their website. The project partners organize monthly information webinars, next dates are April 18th 11:30 – 12:30 and May 16th 11:30 – 12:30 : register HERE. 

Discover additional funding opportunities throughout the user-friendly Regional Invest Tool developed by SecurIT and get support from partners in the building phases of your proposals! 

Women-led funded projects throughout SecurIT : bringing light to selected SMEs carrying out the FusionSec, ServAL Management, AIR T4S, Smart Diri and Respo-C projects 

As the SecurIT project thrives to support gender equality in the security sector and above all in the whole innovation ecosystem, the consortium partners are glad to promote several of the women-led projects that got funding throughout both SecurIT open calls. 


Iterato (LT) together with Nuuk Technologies (ES) built FusionSec which is a software platform for planning and coordination of public events requiring the cooperation of different public safety forces and volunteers as well as citizens. 

The Lithuanian police and Alytus county police were particularly enthusiastic for FusionSec demonstration, recognizing its potential to revolutionize event security, streamline communication, and bolster situational comprehension. 

ServAL Management 

To address the issue of disaster resilience the three respective European companies GSR (FR), Kalisio (FR) and Prendoquota (IT) are working on a hardware and software system called ServAL Management to help improve response to crises and technological disasters. 2 demonstrations are planned within the project timeframe. More information to come.  


Carried out by Robosurvey (GR) and Thridium (UK), the integrated AIR-T4S platform acts as a public spaces threat detection and response management platform delivering increased preparedness against different types of threats (terrestrial and aerial – terrorism acts, intruders) and support the enhanced crowd safety during Major Events. 

The remaining tasks till the end of the project are the integration of the UAV control through the T4S user interface and the execution of real-world demonstration. Follow their achievements on LinkedIn! 

Smart Diri 

The Smart Diri project, a collaborative effort involving Norwegian partners Diri AS and Homesourcing AS (NO), aims to redefine Cyber Risk Management through automated decision support. The expected outcome from the Smart Diri project is a cutting-edge cyber risk analysis solution, highly attractive to medium-sized businesses operating within critical infrastructure sectors. 

Midway through the SecurIT prototyping project, detailed solution specifications have been outlined by the partners […]. The envisioned AI prototype embodies a ‘hybrid wisdom of the crowds human-in-the-loop recommender system,’ seamlessly integrating user opinions, diverse data sources, machine learning capabilities, and human input for advanced recommendations. 


Thridium (SW) together with MHK Consulting (UK) are exploring the effectiveness of managing information between data sources by using a citizen engagement mobile platform already developed and demonstrating their real-world performance and effectiveness in a real-life scenario with the support of Essex University and the Hellenic Rescue Team.  

The project progress during the first six months included identifying and validating the modules and content to be used in the mobile application for forest fire education and reporting. After completing the information collection and validation, the content has been implemented and added to the app. 

SecurIT Final Event : registrations open! 

We are pleased to remind you that the SecurIT Final Event will be organized on May 21st 2024 at the FIAP, in Paris. 

Project results, insightful speakers, SecurIT Awards ceremony, networking moments… Register HERE to join us in Paris for a memorable day!